Introducing the First Hybrid Police Car

Ford has been a major producer of police vehicle for over 80 years. The Ford Crown Victoria is the iconic cop car, and has been for some time. Unfortunately for Ford, other car companies have started to get in on that market, such as Dodge and their Charger. Ford knows that innovation is required to succeed in the auto industry, so they recently unveiled their newest creation: the first hybrid police car, the Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan.

A hybrid police car offers a few distinct advantages over a conventional engine. The obvious advantage is fuel efficiency; each individual Police Responder Hybrid Sedan can save up to $3,800 on fuel, freeing up the budget for other things. Police cars spend a lot of time on, but idling. After all, cops don't always need to be going somewhere, but they need to always be accessible. The big batteries in the hybrid let the engine turn off while important systems, such as the radio and electronics, keep running. The hybrid also offers increased acceleration, good for high speed chases.

While we won't sell any Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedans here at Park Ford, you will still be able to see them out on the road. Just don't end up in the back seat of one!


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